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The system works on the principle of peer to peer in providing/donating of funds in which you receive it in form of getting help with profit added.

  • PROFIT :- 30% or 50% of every provided donation as profit and it comes every 30days of the month

  • RECOMMITMENT :- 10% recommitment policy is introduced so as to create a strong bond between the participants of the platform and it helps eliminate multiple account which is highly against the rule that governs the system. 10% of next PH will be confirmed before GH.

  • TRANSPARENCY :- we believe that transparency should be of high priority. It must involve both the Admins and participants in other to ensure smooth running of the system. Measures are put in place to make it happen.

  • SYSTEM ACTIVITIES :- This will serve as one of the means to check mate the admins as all current ph and gh will be on display for members to see.

  • REPRESENTATIVES :- They will be the next in line after Admins.. They will have the power to question the irregularities noticed in the System and there will be periodic meetings with them so as to bridge the gap between Admins and members.

  • FAKE POP :- Unconfirmed payment will be confirmed after 36 hours and account of fake pop will be blocked after 48hours if no counter message.

  • PSQ FAST PAY :-Most of rematch PH(90%) will go into the PSQ pool for pick for whoever that is interested. It must be redeemed after 6hours of pick and it will be matured to receive after 5 days with a profit of 20%.

  • ACCESS FEE :-Access fee is necessary in order to disrupt activities of saboteurs, intruders and defaulters. The access fee is paid to an Admin or a random participant to help gain access to your dashboard before ghing. That access fee will still be used to ph back into the system and when merging activities starts, it will be paid to participants that are ghing. All the admins are fighting for is to reduce default rate to a minimal level.The access fee is just a measure to curb such. And remember it's part of your ph. So for instance, if you intend to pledge 100k, for you to gain access to your dashboard to make a pledge, you have to pay 2k as access fee. After payment and u hav been confirmed, you can then login to the site and pledge 98k. This access fee is a one time payment upon registration. I am sure saboteurs can't create multiple accounts and pay for access fee only to pledge money they won't fulfil You have to pay #2000 access fee before you can access your dashboard to ph.

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