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The system works on the principle of peer to peer in providing/donating of funds in which you receive it in form of getting help with profit added.

  • Fill in your details on the registration section upon completion, proceed to make a pledge by clicking on "Provide Fund".

    TEN allows a range of pledge from N10,000 to N300,000. You are required to make your choice from any of the options available in the menu and click on "Pledge Now"

    Once done, you will have to wait to be merged to (a) recipient(s) you are to pay to. This merging takes the next 3 to 10 days from the date you pledged. At this time you are required to contact your beneficiary (up liner) to proceed with your payment.

    Upon the confirmation of this payment, you will immediately be on a 72 hours count down to Get Funds from donor(s) who is (are) to pay you. This includes your capital as well as your 40% return on investment.

    For more details, please see the FAQ section.
    1). 5% referral bonus for each participant referred. referral bonuses are withdrawable from N5,000 upwards.
    2). Upon your 7th round of GF, you will get a bonus which is 70% of PF bonus accrued on your bonus table.
    note, 10% is added to your bonus table upon an successful confirmation of your payment.
    * 24/7 automatic matching system
    * Responsive customer care through the live chat feature.
    * Automatic rematch
    * Periodic broadcasts via telegram channel.
    * Unlimited website capacity (no Upgrades).
    * Phone number verification via call flash.

    If you have any complaint or request, please write to: or use the live chat to chat with any online agent.

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